1. “Rock Band” on Wii proved extremely popular. Even though almost everyone there had played it before. It was always packed — even singers.

2. No first-party WiiWare titles on display. Nintendo chose to highlight games outside their inner circle, made no mention of their upcoming works.

3. “Lost Winds” was the media’s WiiWare favorite. There was no way to avoid a 20 minute plus wait for the “Kirby: Cursed Canvas”-like platformer.

4. The guys behind ‘World of Goo” aren’t fans of Electronic Arts. They managed to sneak in a clever dig at their former employers in a presentation, cleverly capitalizing “E” and “A” in a slide, when speaking about their worst memories of working in the industry so far. I don’t think Nintendo knew.

5. “Boom Blox” is way better than you think. It doesn’t come across well in screens, impressions or even in-person demos. You need to play it yourself.

I am glade to see even with the lack of head tracking that Boom Blox is still a pretty good game.