Overlord 2 has to be the surprise of the show,  I’m pretty sure that goes for all of us. They where not letting people get hands on with it, but what we saw it looked fantastic.

MTV Multiplayer: So would you classify this as more of a hardcore game?

Robinson: Yeah, for the Wii. I mean, there are elements of it that are still fun [for casual players] and you can still get invoved with it. But I think it’s definitely more of a hardcore game than you’ve got on the Wii at the moment. The other thing that the Wii’s done is opened a market for the people who perhaps weren’t into gaming before. So people who were bit scared because [gaming] was a bit too technical and a bit too geeky have suddenly been brought in because of the Wii. And I think this gives us an opportunity to show them that the Wii can actually do games like this, and it actually works and it can make good fun. So there are two distinct groups there that we’re going for.

MTV Multiplayer: Are you concerned that third-party “hardcore” games haven’t sold as well as “Mario” or “Zelda”?

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