Rhythm, action, J-Pop, and waifus will be arriving in a festival of color and sound when PeroPeroGames’ Muse Dash is released for Nintendo Switch this June. Interested gamers will want to keep their eye on the release, too, as it’ll come with a limited-time exclusive Marija skin.

You can see in the trailer above how that could be something of interest. In addition the new skin, the Switch version comes with all DLC from previous versions of the game.

In the award-winning Muse Dash, gamers selection from three anime heroines (voiced in Japanese) and test their twitch reflexes to over 80 unique J-Pop, Pop, Trance, and Vocaloid songs. Each hero comes with her own pets and unlockable outfits.

Simple 2-button controls make Muse Dash easy for players to jump into, with action side-scroller mechanics like traditional rhythm game instrument solos, timed dodges, and beat-based enemy attacks all mixed together to mash the perfect jam. Rhythm game players will also find depth in Muse Dash, as mastering each song takes more than just a few tries. Each song comes with trophies to unlock, leaderboards to make your mark on, and 3 difficulties to suit your style. Focus on your rhythmic abilities while keeping those reflexes strong to become a true master of Muse Dash!

Your choice of songs actually affects gameplay, as the different musical genres present varied challenges. You’ll need to try them all, however, to see the full variety of locations, enemies, and bosses. There are some high-level difficulty options for those willing to take the time to master the game, and leaderboards to make sure everyone appreciates your hard work.

To learn more about Muse Dash in English, you’re best off checking out the entry at Steam for now.