Renegade Kids’ next installment in the Mutant Mudds series will put your platformer skills to the test. According to Jools Watsham, Co-founder of Renegade Kid “The initial inspiration for Mutant Mudds Super Challenge was “The Lost Levels”, which was the second entry in the Super Mario Bros. series. Its focus was on a higher level of difficulty, so those who had mastered the original Mario game could continue the challenge at that same level with The Lost Levels. Super Challenge is designed for Super Players. There is no gradual difficulty curve, unlike the first game, you’re thrown in with challenges immediately requiring skill from you. We have also added a lot of new features and new world themes for all 40 brand new levels.”

For the first time in the series Mutant Mudds Super Challenge will offer five unique boss battles that will place Max into some tight place . The first announced boss is playable during the free Nindies@home event.


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Pure Nintendo Magazine (PNM) Issue 23

By Pure Media LLC in PNM – Your source for all things Nintendo

66 pages, published 6/15/2015

The recent release of Splatoon has been a great diversion from all the rumors and leaks about E3. I know I have been champing at the bit for the arrival of E3. In this issue we hope to tie you over till the big show. We had the great pleasure of catching up with Jools Watsham and the latest on Mutant Mudds Super Challenge. We also got a sneak peek into the world of Steamworld Heist and its gameplay. Jason Michael Paul brought us up to date with…