These are not my full impressions on games that we played today, but some quick ones I wanted to do before I passed out for the night.

Mad World:

I was drooling to get my hands on this game, I was very excited to see a good M-Rated game on the Wii, and it did not let me down. Mad World is not for the weak at heart, it is extremely violent and bloody, but weirdly satisfying. I don’t think of myself as an overly violent person, but games like Mad World, where you can throw people onto spikes, or snap their head off while blood squirts all over the place is very satisfying to me.

The Controls were smooth and pretty easy to pick up. You can find yourself slashing your enemy by swinging the Wii-mote, and throwing your enemies into spikes by holing down the A Button.

The Conduit:

Have you ever hyped up a game so much in your head that when if finally come out it did not live up to your hype? Well that is definitely not the case with The Conduit. We where not able to play the multi-player mode, which would of been nice. But the single player is more then I could imagine. A lot of you are probably wondering how it compares to Metroid Prime 3. Well fantastically and maybe better. It’s beautiful, the turning radios are pretty much the same, or a little better then Metroid Prime 3. I should have saved this for the more in-depth impressions, but I will tell you now because I thought it was pretty cool. The mounting box can be changed vertically or horizontally to your liking.  (The same as Metroid prime and Medal of honor) That means hardcore gamers can have a small quick box, while the casual can have a wide but small one.

GTA Chinia Town Wars:

We are meeting up to get an in-depth showing about this game Sunday, but here are some very quick impressions.

Fantastic, the screens do not do this game justice. The game really does look good and handles really well. This game is a game to play with head-phones, because the sound is fantastic; Rain drops, car horns, and of-course the radio stations. The only fault for me in this game was that the top down view seemed a little high. I had trouble seeing the character at times, but that could be just me.

These are only about half the games we checked out today. Also, once again these are not full impressions, I just wanted to give you guys something. We are also sorry for the poor writing of this, I can barely hold my thoughts together.