New Sims game from EA allows you to control  the destiny of your little sim people. Here’s a little from IGN’s first look at the game.

“MySims is an entirely new experience which transforms the traditional Sims gameplay to take advantage of the capabilities of the Wii and DS while still delivering the creativity, customization, and open-endedness that has been the main draw of the series. Players can customize their own Sim to reflect their personal style and attitudes. The game contains a wide collection of unlockable clothing, hairstyles, and accessories.

Gameplay takes place in a disorganized town that can be reshaped according to the will of the player. Using a palette of building blocks, patterns, and creation tools, players can design furniture, appliances, and even homes and businesses. Players will have to interact with a large cast of secondary characters as they reshape the world to their liking. Every completed task, no matter how miniscule, will help the town expand. As it grows to incorporate new areas, players will receive special design elements to help customize the digital urban jungle. “

MySims Website

Source: IGN