Additional Tracks include:

· Driving School – Learn to drive here

· Tumbleweed Track – The humble beginning

· Gopher Gulch – Moving beyond the circle

· Sugar Rush Speedway – While still under construction you can race across a track taking short cuts and avoiding heavy machinery

· Misty Motorway – Super jumps and nice twisties

· Crescendo Cruise –Look for shortcuts within this music themed environment but watch out for those blaring Saxophones!

· Crater Lake – Nice day for a spin down by the lake

· Tree Logger Trail –Make sure you choose the right vehicle for this ralley car experience

· Bayou Boardwalk –Carve your own path through a swamp

· Darkwood Falls –The current just might sweep you away so grip your steering wheel and hold on tight

· Chilly Hill Village – Drive through a pleasant mountain village and cut into a ski park

· Sunset Slalom – The backside to Chilly Hill Village

· Mount Shiverest – Drive through ice caves and avoid the giant snowballs thrown by the Mountain Yeti!

· Midway Madness – Race through Dr F’s canyon land laboratory. Man is he crazy!

· Dr. F’s Daredevil Drive – Part theme park, part mad science project… Did I mention he is crazy?