IGN: The Naruto: Clash of Ninja series followed the story arch of the first seasons of the actual show up until now. Will MVZ continue that tradition, or does it branch off from the main plot? If so, which seasons does it follow?

Nobby: The final details of the missions are still being tweaked at the moment, but the game will follow the general overall story from the Naruto TV episodes. We’re possibly looking at starting from the Chuunin exam finals and taking it from there.

IGN: The original Clash of Ninja games worked with a basic light/heavy combo system along with a super-combo attack. Will MVZ change that formula?

Nobby: The Clash of Ninja fighting system will be preserved but we’ll be augmenting the system with the Wii remote motion sensing functionality by requiring timed player motions during special attacks.

IGN: You mentioned that both standard and special attacks will be executed with motion control. Can you give us a few specific actions the player will be making as an example?

Nobby: The special attacks will have varying motion inputs. Some inputs require you to swing the Wii remote up or down while other specials will require you to twirl the remote with specific timing. Some attacks will also use the motion sensing in the nunchuk, as well.

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Source: IGN