ESRB Ratings…. A The addition of ratings summaries is yet another step forward in the growing list of improvements that the ESRB has made in recent years.

ESRB Ratings Education…. A We commend the ESRB for intensifying efforts to help parents understand the video game ratings. The ESRB has become the entertainment industry leader in educating retailers and parents about the rating system.

Retailer Ratings Enforcement…. B+ The 80 percent enforcement rate shows significant progress with still some room for improvement.

Gaming Console Manufacturers…. A Parental controls, timing devices and parent education efforts are all major
improvements giving parents more tools to supervise game play.

Parental Involvement…. Incomplete The focus of this year’s report card is providing parents with the information they need. All segments of the industry have made significant improvements in recent years. Parents now have more information and tools than ever before. However, the constant changes present new challenges. Parents need to pay more attention to the amount of time and the types of games their kids play. The parent guide section in this report card is intended to motivate and equip parents to do this.

Wow, this really does put a smile on my face. I really like the last paragraph, it echos what I have been saying all along. The industry has made great changes to help make parents aware of games and their ratings. It all is up to the parents now to do there research.