NBC Local Media and Lunar Tide Communications, Inc. announced today that the 2008 America’s Video Game Expo more then tripled its’ attendance versus 2007, with 24,674 people attending over a three day period. This is largest turnout, to date, for any video game-based event east of the Rockies.

The three-day turnout has put VGXPO on the game industry map, and made it one of the largest video game fan gatherings ever. The high attendee turnout suggests that Philadelphia, and its surrounding region, are a hot bed for gamers and strong market for exhibitors to showcase their latest products.

“VGXPO is an event that caters to both core and casual gamers,” stated Steve Fallas, VGXPO Event Manager. “With our relationship with NBC we were able to market to both groups and bring together nearly 25,000 gamers to experience the rich diversity of gaming experiences. We are very pleased with both the industry and consumer turnout at this years VGXPO.”

“VGXPO far exceeded my expectations with regards to the total number and profile of the attendees,” said George Woo, Events Marketing Manager of Intel Corporation. “I am very happy to bring the Intel Extreme Masters to this event to allow attendees to watch Americas top e-Sport teams compete for prize money and qualification to the Global Finals in March ‘09 and the opportunity to play the latest game titles running on lntel latest gaming processor based PC’s.”

“VGXPO’s an amazing success story,” said Amber Dalton, founder of the all-girls game competition team, PMS Clan. “There is so much to be said for what VGXPO has become for the video game industry…the core gamers, plus the casual games audience, were here to play all the top games. Certainly, VGXPO 2009 can’t be missed by any company that markets games.”

VGXPO 2009 is currently scheduled to take place October 9-11, 2009 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

For more information about NBC Local Media go to www.nbclocalmedia.com. For more information about VGXPO please visit it’s website at www.videogame.net.