8Bitdo, a company that specializes in recreating bluetooth controllers in the style of the Nintendo classics from the past, has announced their NES30 Arcade stick is available for preorder on Amazon. The controller itself will be shipping on August 20th.

In addition to being compatible with the Nintendo Switch, the NES30 will also work on Windows, MacOS, Android, and Steam. The Arcade stick is a wireless bluetooth controller, and features a joystick/d-pad mode, turbo functionality, and an 18 hour battery life.

With the sheer amount of NEOGEO arcade ports available on the Switch, the NES30 might just be the perfect way to experience these games to their fullest. If you’re interested in the controller, be sure to check out the Amazon listing here.

Have you used 8Bitdo controllers in the past? Are you interested in the NES30 Arcade stick? We’d love to hear your thoughts in a comment below!