ts successful Battle of Giants series, Battle of Giants Mutant Insects, is now available at retail. Developed by Ubisoft Quebec, the team behind the best selling title Battle of Giants™ Dragons and its predecessor Battle of Giants™ Dinosaurs, the newest game in the series will bring an exciting experience to young players as they seek to rule a post-apocalyptic Earth as massive insects.

In Battle of Giants Mutant Insects, players assume the role of a fearsome mutant insect and battle against massive enemies through a ruined landscape. Players can choose between a scorpion, mantis, spider or a flying ant, and also have the ability to use collected gems to upgrade insect body colors, powers and strength to adapt to the rugged environment. The game features a new world filled with unique challenges and mysterious new territories, including Ruined Cities, Lava Deserts, Bamboo Forests, and Thick Swamps. The heralded battle mechanic has also been expanded, enabling players to uncover special abilities such as specialized vision to see through the dense fog and dust as well as a devastating burrowing attack. Players can also organize tournaments with up to four players and compete with friends to see who commands the most powerful insect.

Battle of Giants Mutant Insects is rated E for Everyone with an MSRP of $39.99.

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