– Mario: Blue, Brown, Fire-Flower, Green, Wario Colors
– Link: Red, Blue, Yellow, Dark Link, Purple
– Kirby: White, Green, Red, Light Blue, Yellow
– Pikachu: Emerald Bandana, Goggles, 4 Different Hats
– Fox: Green, Orange, Light Purple, Dark Fox, White (not confirmed)
– Samus: Red, Light Blue, White on Red (unconfirmed)
– Bowser: Undisclosed colors
– Yoshi: Pink, Blue, Yeloow, Red, Light Blue
– Peach: Red, White, Peac Green, Orchid, Orange
– Pit: Green, Black Gold
– Wario: Black, Orange
– Ike: No one mentions his alt. colors.
– Diddy: Pink, Yellow, Light Blue, Green, White (unconfirmed)
– Meta Knight: Orange, Dark Meta Knight, Green, Crimson, White, Kirby Colors

This is going to be one amazing game!