One of the cutest games of all time is heading to the Nintendo Switch and 3DS, with Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker making its way to both systems next month.

An “Awesome Overview” trailer has been released by Nintendo ahead of the game’s launch, which showcases the new levels coming to the game. These levels are based on Kingdoms from Super Mario Odyssey.

Even better is the news that a free demo is available on the eShop right now in Europe, Japan, and Australia, with the US to soon follow. We’ll wait while you power up the eShop to start the download. Then you can check out the trailer below while that finishes. The demo is 204 MB and features four levels to try.

There’s no shortage of Wii U ports on the Switch, but it’s hard to argue with such quality games, especially when it comes with bonus content to a whole new (and bigger) audience.

If you haven’t tried the Wii U original, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a charming puzzle-platforming adventure starring Mario’s plucky mushroom friend, Toad. He can’t jump, so you’ll instead have to guide him through courses involving enemies and traps in order to reach the goal and the Power Star. There’s a lot of emphasis on strategy as you negotiate your surroundings.

Each level is a compact world of its own, like a diorama. It’s designed using the Japanese miniature garden concept, or “hakoniwa”, which was also used in Super Mario Odyssey’s design. There are plenty of surprises and collectibles hidden in the details of each level.

The game features over 70 levels to conquer, including four bonus levels based on Super Mario Odyssey’s Kingdoms: Metro Kingdom, Sand Kingdom, Cascade Kingdom and Luncheon Kingdom. These levels can be unlocked via regular gameplay or via any Super Mario Odyssey amiibo figure. If you have a Toad amiibo figure handy, you can take advantage of an invincibility mushroom. Other amiibo will provide 1-Up mushrooms.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker will be released on the Switch and 3DS on July 13. Let us know which version of the game you’ll be picking up next month, and don’t forget about that free demo.