Nintendo has announced a new contest available to all Club Nintendo members.  The contest runs through October 31st and gives you the chance to win a set of collectible Kirby round playing cards!  To enter the contest you must purchase a copy of  Kirby’s Dream Collection: Special Edition and then register your copy of the game on Club Nintendo.  At the end of the usual survey that you have to fill out after registering your game there will be an additional check box to enter the contest, check it and you’re in!  Hit the jump to see more details regarding this great new contest!

If you are a die hard Nintendo fan and have not yet signed up for Club Nintendo, then do so now!  Club Nintendo allows you to earn coins for purchasing Nintendo licensed  games/consoles and answering a short survey.  You can use these coins that you collect to order cool rewards that are exclusive to Club Nintendo members!  Not only that if you collect enough coins throughout the year, then you can get a very special gold/platinum reward from Nintendo depending on how many coins you earned.