The ESRB website has been updated with some new ratings for upcoming games for both the Wii and the Virtual Console.

  • Sproink – Windows PC/Wii, Rated E (21 Rocks, LLC)
  • Jewel Quest II – Windows PC/Wii, Rated E (21 Rocks, LLC)
  • Dragon’s Curse – Wii, Rated E (Hudson)
  • Bonk’s Revenge – Wii, Rated E (Hudson)
  • Bonk III – Bonk’s Big Adventure – Wii, Rated E (Hudson)
  • Sonic and the Secret Rings – Wii, Rated E (SEGA)
  • Mario Party 8 – Wii, Rated E (Nintendo of America)
  • Xevious – Wii, Rated E (Namco Bandai)

I’m glad to see some more good games from Hudson with the new Bonk games. I can’t wait for Sonic now. Now that it has a rating, we should be getting a firm release date sometime soon.

Source: IGN Wii