If you’ve seen past scans of Hyrule Warriors, you have seen Link touting a large ball-and-chain.  While we knew that existed, we didn’t know if it was an equip-able item, like the hookshot, or something specific to Link.  Today, we get our answer.


The Ball-and-Chain has now been officially announced as an alternate weapon for Link.  The weapon combines the ball-and-chain from Twilight Princess and the Silver Gauntlets from Ocarina of Time (albeit, it is a more exaggerated design).  The gauntlets are able to pick up heavy objects such as boulders and Moblins.  Link’s Gauntlets also have the ability to rip giant pillars from the ground.

Currently, Link is the only character to have three types of weapons, but the other characters will most likely also have this option.  This speculation does not take into account whatever kind of relationship weapons may have with skulltulas, as hinted in the upcoming Famitsu Magazine article.