– Price will be 1.00 or 1.500, Nintendo decides.
– First, it was a wax environment, referring to Icarian’s wings. Then they got to the Chirico style, great for story and WW limitations.
– Fragility is the main idea to tell. It’s in Nyx, and she needs player’s help.
– 20K downloads will be a fine number to cover game’s development costs.
– Focus on finishing Icarian. They’re open to sequels or bigger Icarian games with old ideas.
– First video in below link is Steven Gutheinz’s music: 3 samples
– Second video in link is In-game footage, you may already have this.
– “Family” aids: aside from the 4 guys at Over the Top games, people around them tried the game. Nyx voice is from one of the member’s girlfriend. Animations refined by another friend. Free physics system.
– One day gameplay: as the night nears, the end approaches.
– They hope Nintendo helps them to get to the Japanese market, same as with World of Goo. They already have the game localized into 6 languages for Eur/US markets.