MTV interviewed the man himself—Reggie Fils-Aime—about everything from DS/Wii shortages to 1st/3rd party-support and even Metroid Prime 3. Here’s the juicy details on MP3:

“What I will tell you about ‘Metroid’ is that ‘Metroid’ will be fabulous. I think it’s fair to say that all of us were disappointed with the sales of ‘Metroid Prime 2,’ [the game’s developer] Retro included. The focus on ‘Prime 3′ is to make that the stellar game for a first-person experience on the platform. … What that means is we’re going to make sure it’s perfect when we launch it. I think this is one where your readers — the fans of Nintendo, the core gamer — need to recognize that when we release it, it will be perfect. And if that’s a little later than folks would have liked, I’m hoping they’re going to be happy. They certainly seem to be happy that we took our time with ‘[The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.’ ” With that kind of talk, the obvious follow-up question was: “If it’s perfect, does that mean it’s going to be online?” In response, Fils-Aime said: “That’s perfect for you.”

Not sure what the last comment means.  Some are saying that Nintendo is considering online play for Metroid Prime 3, which seems very likely but in no way confirmed in this interview.  Just another tease at this point.

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Source: MTV