NeoGAF user ‘axisofweevils’ posted some new Nintendo Land details that they discovered in Issue #88 of the Official Nintendo Magazine.  The details that were posted do not cover all of the Nintendo Land attractions but only detail some other aspects of the attractions below.  Nintendo Land is releasing on launch day, November 18th.

Balloon Trip Breeze

  • Hero carries parcels between islands
  • Delivering the parcels rewards you with currency to spend in the theme park.
  • You can tap away certain obstacles on the gamepad but random prods (cheating) will cause the spikes to ricochet.

Metroid Blast

  • Shooting doesn’t use the sensor to aim, but the MotionPlus (ala Skyward Sword).
  • Gunmen boast Samus’ full moveset – morph ball, charge shots, evasive dodges and grapple beams – can use the latter to hang from the gunship.

Mario Chase

  • In the Mud River Run stage, mud moats can be crossed via bridges that dissolve under the escapee’s feet.
  • At the end of the round, you get a breakdown of everyone’s movement.

Pikmin Adventure

  • Pikmin world re-imagined as clockwork Gashapon toys.
  • Enemies arrive in plastic capsules, dispatched by a giant vending machine.
  • When a Pikmin is eaten by an enemy, they emerge as Poo (!) Friends must then help to chip them out.