Wow!  I can’t remember the last time we had a podcast…it’s been way too long unfortunately.  That’s all about to change though!  We have our long-awaited, and hopefully anticipated Episode 2!!  

Here’s a brief overview of what we cover in the latest podcast:

  1. Wii Update 3.3
  2. Storage Issues (aka no hard drive support yet)
  3. Recent News
    1. Guitar Hero IV using SD Cards
    2. Clone Wars for Wii/DS
    3. and more
  4. This Week’s Releases
    1. Guitar Hero: On Tour
    2. Rock Band Wii
    3. Alone in the Dark Wii
  5. E3 Expectations
    1. Zelda?
    2. Pikmin 3?
    3. New Balance Board games (Tony hawk, 1080 Snowboarding??)
    4. What to expect from Nintendo
  6. All sorts of other Nintendo rumors as well

Check it out below, or head to the podcast page.