With a new trailer, comes new Pokemon, and the latest Sun and Moon offering certainly doesn’t disappoint.

  • Up first is the a chimera-looking Pokemon simply known as Type: Null. This mysterious Pokemon is a Normal type with the battle armor ability.
  • Jangmo-o is a Dragon type with either the soundproof or bulletproof ability.
  • Much like Rattata, Alolan Raticate will keep its Dark/Normal typing, with gluttony or hustle as its ability.

In addition to some new Pokemon, more information was revealed about the two games. One difference being that Sun and Moon will be set twelve hours apart from each other. Depending on what version of the game you play and at what time, you may experience events differently than a friend with a different version.

The Aether Foundation was also shown off in the trailer, and they appear to be a group in charge of keeping the Pokemon Team Skull harasses safe on their artificial island sanctuary. Speaking of Team Skull, one of their enforcers, Gladion, also made an appearance.

It was also demonstrated that the player will be able to find the legendary Pokemon Zygarde’s cells and cores around the Alola region, and you’ll be able to store them in a special item called the Zygarde cube. Also, when you stumble upon certain areas in the game, you’ll be able to use the Rotom pokedex’s Poke finder feature to take pictures of Pokemon. While it hasn’t been confirmed yet, it looks like you’ll be able to share your photos with others over the internet.

Last but certainly not least, certain Pokemon with great power, known as ultra beasts were shown off with the first being the mysterious UB-01 which looks suspiciously like Lillie, one of your companions in the game.

With all of this new information, are you excited for Pokemon Sun and Moon’s release in November? Which version will you be picking up? Let us known what you think in the comments!