Today during the opening ceremony of the Pokemon World Championships, a new video was shown revealing one brand new Pokemon for Sun and Moon, and confirming the English names for three that had been previously shown in the Japanese publication, Coro Coro magazine.

The newest Pokemon, Crabrawler, is a fighting type crustacean that appears to have a boxing glove design on its claws. It comes with the abilities Hyper Cutter or Iron fist when you catch it.

The three other Pokemon that had been previously revealed in Coro Coro are Sandygast and its evolution, Palossand. Both ground/ghost type Pokemon carry the new ability Water Compaction, which raises their defense by two stages when they are hit with a water type attack. We also got a look at Bewear’s prevolution, Stufuul, and the fighting/normal type Pokemon looks to be styled after a teddy bear plushy, judging by the tag near its tail.

With Pokemon Sun and Moon releasing November 18th, the Pokemon Company has certainly been generous with revealing new Pokemon. Are you happy with the steady stream of news, or would you rather keep the new Pokemon a surprise? Will you be training any of the new Pokemon shown? Let us know what you think!