The polls are closed and the results are in, and Samus (if this was real) is your new President. It was a back and forth race between Samus, Mario and Link. With about a week left in the campaign Samus pulled ahead by about 40 votes. Link tried to make a run, with only a week left, but fell short by only 13 votes. You guys have spoken, let it be written let it be done.

Here are the results:

Samus: 117
Link: 104
Mario: 74
Luigi: 40
Donkey Kong: 20
Pit: 19

New poll up!

We are always striving to make a better place for all. Our next poll has nothing to do with Nintendo, but it has everything to do with us. Yeah, we are conceded! What new features would you like to see added to The power of change is in your hands. If there is something you want, that is not on the list. Just send us an email with your idea. If it is good, we will rain down showers of praise. If it is bad, we will beat you with a stick ; )