Here are the results from our last poll.  Looks like most everyone believes Wii Speak should definitely be in the Conduit, but a close second goes to Pikmin 3.  The more and more I think about that, the more it makes complete sense!  If Animal Crossing has Wii Speak, then Pikmin 3 should have it too!  Monster Hunter 3 also received significant support, and here’s hoping we get it since the game already has 4-player online support.

Now, on to the next poll topic…

James and I have already weighed in on our predictions for 2009, but what do you guys think the Big N has in store for us this year?  Do you think we’ll finally see the next Zelda for Wii displayed?  What about a Wii price drop?  Or do you think there will be some other surprise that no one sees coming?

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