Alright, it’s been almost 3 weeks since our last poll, so let’s have a new poll on the DS for a change : )  Our latest poll asks: What new DS Game are you looking forward to most?  There are a ton of DS games coming out this year, so it’s hard to limit the options, but I think we have a good top 5 list for 2008.

Also, here are the previous results for our last poll for Mario Kart Wii (which finally releases this weekend!!!):

  1. 12 Player online races (32%)
  2. 32 Tracks, 16-new, 16-classic (20%)
  3. No More snaking! (14%)
  4. Race using Motorcycles (12%)
  5. Ability to play as Mii characters (11%)
  6. All new tricks/stunt system (10%)

Just a note about polls coming up:  I’m going to be done with school next week so I’ll have a lot more time on my hands to update polls more frequently.  Catch you guys later!