A group of former Square Enix staff are working with developer FuRyu to bring a new RPG to the 3DS in Japan.

The Legend of Legacy, due for release in January 2015, is described as an open-ended game where players are given a specific goal at the beginning, but can proceed towards completing that goal any way they like.

Players will select a three-person party from an available cast of seven:

  • Eloise: A 24-year-old doctor who uses alchemy to research immortality. She comes across as nothing but sexy, but Eloise can be serious – she can also be very scary when provoked.
  • Liber: An 18-year-old, energetic and optimistic treasure hunter in search of weatlh, he has a strong sense of justice and despises crooked things.
  • Bianca: Her age is unknown – Bianca woke up with no memories, apart from her name. Her gentle personality and kind nature belie her inner strength, while she searches for her memories.
  • Meurs: A 27-year-old man and descendent of the “Spirit Messengers” clan. This clan was previously known to have the ability to communicate with spirits.
  • Garnet: A 20-year-old Emilia Church knight, Garnet is earnest, stubborn, and inflexible in her attitude as well as her allegiance to the Knights.
  • Owen: A 36-year-old man who calls himself a baron. No one knows where the greedy and arrogant Owen comes from, and this bounty hunter will do whatever it takes to get his money.
  • Filmia: A male frog of unknown age, he was once the prince of a country of frogs on Avalon. Polite and gentlemanly, Filmia moves at his own pace and often sings when feeling cheerful.

Check out the trailer below to see this great-looking game in action.

The Legend of Legacy is set for Japanese release on January 22, 2015. Let us know your thoughts in this upcoming RPG in the comments section.

Sourece: RPGFan