Nintendo has announced a brand new sea green-colored 2DS will be available on store shelves from June 6. The soft-shaded 2DS sports a white front with a subtle sea green back and buttons.

This new color scheme joins the other North American versions, the black-fronted 2DS with either a red or blue backing. There’s also a rare pink-backed and white-fronted 2DS at certain retailers too – let us know if you’ve managed to track one of those down.

Europe and Australia have a white-fronted, red-backed 2DS, which North America never acquired, so this latest addition will add some much-needed diversity to the 2DS range.

The new sea green 2DS goes on sale from June 6 and will retail for $129.99. According to Nintendo, it will be widely available in North America.

Let us know if you spot one from June 6, or if you intend to purchase one yourself.