German magazine N-Zone has an interview with Next Level Games about the upcoming Wii game, Super Mario Strikers Charged:

– N-Zone got to play a few online matches with testers in Seattle that are working on ironing out any online kinks.

– There will be three types of matches: friendship, “regular”, and area specific matches. Area specific matches relate to the areas of the world, not the areas in the game. There will be a sort of “soccer season” sort of game, in which you earn points for matches you win. You have the chance to win achievements on this board, and your Mii will be shown through these boards to other online players.

– N-Zone asks if worldwide tournaments would be possible, to which Mr. Inglehart replies “That would be on Nintendo to do so. But technically it would be no problem.”

Wow!  Can’t wait for this game to come out!  Sounds like the summer will have its share of great games too.

Source: Gonintendo