In what will most likely be the last trailer before the game’s release, The Pokemon Company has unveiled a new video showcasing the exclusive Z-moves for each of the Alolan starter Pokemon.

Sinister Arrow Raid is Decidueye’s Z-move, and much like the name suggests, the target Pokemon gets rained on with a torrent of arrows. Incineroar’s move is the Malicious Moonsault, and the Pokemon performs a powerful body slam move a la Wrestlemania style. Finally, Primarina’s move is called Oceanic Operetta, in which the Pokemon uses her voice and hand movements to control a huge orb of water that comes crashing down on the enemy.

In addition to the new Z-moves, some new Ultra Beasts were shown off. UB-03 Lightning appears to be made entirely of electrically live wires. UB-05 Glutton also made an appearance, and it looks to be a dragon-like creature with a huge mouth where its stomach should be. Neither Ultra Beast was given a typing during the video.

Last but not least, the final Alolan form we get to see before the game’s release is Alolan Diglett and Dugtrio. They are a ground/steel type, and Dugtrio’s fabulous hair appears to give it a new ability known as tangling hair, which lowers the target’s speed when they hit Dugtrio.

With Sun and Moon releasing in just four days, what are your thoughts on all the release trailers we’ve been given? Did they help keep you excited up until release day, or did you feel The Pokemon Company revealed too much? Let us know your thoughts in a comment!