I really like how Nintendo is using Miiverse to help bring gamers and developers closer together. No matter how superficial the relationship may be. New Super Luigi U Director, Masataka Takemoto, has posted an interesting challenge to the New Super Luigi U Miiverse thread.

Hello! This is Takemoto, the New SUPER LUIGI U game director. If you’ve finished the game already, I’m sure you’ve noticed that you can now travel to a secret island and check out your game records. What I want to see is a screenshot of that showing how many coins you picked up in New SUPER LUIGI U! Let’s make it a competition!…but there’s a twist. The winner is the one who has the LEAST amount of coins. I’m accepting entries until 18th August. If you want to enter, just attach your screenshot to a comment on this post. What’s the lowest coin total? Is it possible to complete the game without picking up any coins? If so, has anyone managed it? I look forward to finding out the answers! Good luck, everyone!

This is awesomely backwards and against every instinct a long time Nintendo fan has. Who would have thought about not collecting coins? How many will accept the challenge?