The Pokemon Company has recently released a brand new trailer for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon on their YouTube channel. This time, a new area to explore was shown off along with a few new Ultra Beasts.

The new Pokemon, UB Adhesive is a pure poison type, and it looks to be owned by a trainer in the trailer. UB Burst, a Ghost/Fire type has a never before seen move called Mind Blown, and UB Assembly is a Rock/Steel type.

Not only were Ultra Beasts shown off, but a new area, known as the Ultra Megalopolis will be explorable by trainers by travelling through an ultra wormhole. It seems there will another organization to face, and they are simply known as the Ultra Recon Squad.

With Ultra Sun and Moon releasing on November 17th, does the idea of battling and catching Ultrabeasts on their home turf sound intriguing to you? Will you be picking the game up on launch day? Let us know what you think with a comment!