This is for all of you aspiring artists out there, a new update for SDK Paint is available on the WiiU. There are tons of new features coming with this update including some awesome new effects you can add to your drawings and new gallery themes (where you view your artwork) like a hedge maze, a haunted mansion and even a space station. Below you can find a complete list of everything that comes with the update, now go draw! ;D

Update Breakdown Info:


•Overall – Redesigned interface
•Overall – English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
•Overall – Control with touch screen, buttons, gyroscope
•Title – Artwork Carousel
•Title – Animated Icons
•Painting – Bug fix for long duration scribble freeze
•Painting – Modal menu transitions and Gaussian blurred background
•Painting – Layer tools: merge, split
•Painting – Pixel Brush
Painting – Redo, 10 steps
•Stencils – UCraft Pack: Texture, Tilemap
•Galleries Menu – Pagination
•Galleries – Mini-map
•Sharing – Direct Miiverse posting


•Painting – Effects Pack: Distort, Grayscale, Mosaic, Rotate, Sepia, Vortex, Warp
•Galleries – Gallery Pack 1: Hallway, Haunted Mansion, Terran Space Station, Tomeling Library
•Galleries – Gallery Pack 2: Crystal Room, Gemstone Mine, Storehouse, Temple
•Galleries – Gallery Pack 3: Fortress Wall, Hedge Maze, Lunar Lander, Sadness