The new Watch_Dogs trailer ‘Welcome To Chicago’ does exactly what the title states.  The almost four minute long trailer details the city of Chicago as it appears in the game.  The trailer also gives players a glimpse into what to expect when exploring and hacking their way through the city and interacting with the various aspects of Chicago’s environment within the world of Watch_Dogs.  There is no official release date for the Wii U yet but hopefully Wii U owners and Nintendo fans will receive news soon, as the release of Watch_Dogs on other platforms is drawing near.

As for the picture above, the photo of this interesting robotic device appears for a split second near the end of the trailer.  We are not quite sure what role it plays in the game but it looks quite interesting and is the first time the object has been seen in any Watch_Dogs game footage.  Do any of our readers have any thoughts about this mystery device?  Let us know in the comments section below.