– When asked what they liked to do the most, the eight teens, which was split 50/50 when it came to gender, and aged between 14-17, all answered that they like to hang with friends. They all enjoyed gaming, but it wasn’t a priority, so they weren’t hardcore gamers to say the least.

– Every single one of them had access to a Wii. Either they owned one or had a family member that has one. All the girl games, plus one guy owned theirs. Of the remaining dudes, two of them had a Xbox 360 as their main console, while the last one mostly payed games on his laptop. Three of the girls also had 360s at home, though it was not specified if it was theirs or a family members. No one had a PS3.

– One guy was a Nintendo diehard: he has, and still plays on a regular basis, a Wii, GameCube, and N64. The other kid who had no major consoles (well current ones) still played with his GC and N64. Both guys stated that they still get new GC games every once in a while, as did the girls. Mostly because most could be gotten for dirt cheap second-hand.

– The girls stated that they didn’t like stuff found on the 360 and PS3 because they found their games too difficult. One stated that she still plays Super Mario Bros for the Game Boy Color every-night, because it was “relaxing” like all old games. While she did play more contemporary, more “interactive” games on occasion, mostly against her brother.

– The girls also stated a preference for logic games. One Nintendo fangirl stated that she loves to play Zelda games, but with her brother in a non-competitive manner; they would take turns trying to solve puzzles. A strong affinity for stories in general was also stated.

– Of the kids that had access to a 360, everyone played games online via XBL, but all the girls only liked playing with friends.

– None of them played PC games proper, except for the one kid who mostly plays with his laptop. The other guys only gamed via their television. The girls all stated that they played various online, casual games.

– Of those who use Facebook, all the girls admitted to playing games on it, and was a prime motivation for joining for some. Also, that laptop kid engages it in as well, and stated that he’s really into some kind of Pokemon game that’s available there. The girls knew exactly what he was talking about.

– As for where they get their information, they all stated that they go their info from friends. Next was television commercials. After that, it was magazines like Nintendo Power and Game Informer. None of them, with the exception of the two guys that own and regularly play 360, goes on the web. But even then, they only go to Nintendo.com, Xbox.com and PlayStation.com. Sometimes YouTube to see something in action. No blogs, no message boards, no nothing. Most had friends who frequent such places and are the ones they go to for questions and answers. Sometime their local Gamestop employee (ugh).

– For the two Xbox dudes, XBLA demos are pretty handy. One is a diehard Guitar Hero fan, so he has purchased a number of songs. Otherwise, no one else purchases and downloads games for the Wii. The Nintendo kid who only plays their stuff was in fact unaware of such an ability But he has no WiFi at home, so I guess that sorta makes sense.

– Almost all of them check out games based on their favorite movies, despite knowing that they are usually bad.

– Each generally gets a game a month. Mostly at Gamestop because they can trade in their old games for new ones, though they also usually get used titles since they’re all on tight budgets.

– It was stated by the moderator that whatever they said would not get them in trouble with their parents in the audience, so they would be more honest, but when one of the girls blurted out that she owns GTA4, she immediately went “I don’t know how that happened! Isn’t it illegal for someone to sell that kind of game to me?!”

– If they had to chose between games and television, games came up on top. Almost none of them watches much tv.