Here’s the latest release news from Famitsu and Nintendo’s retailer meeting:

  • Ouendan 2 (NDS, Nintendo) – this includes 19 songs, such as “Go My Way” by hitomi, “POP STAR” by Hirai Ken, “VISTA” by Going Underground and “Real Life Real Heart” by Kimura Kaela
  • DK Taru Jet Race (Wii, Nintendo) – formerly known as DK Bongo Blast from the GameCube, developed by Paon. Donkey Kong finds some barrel jets that let him fly in the sky across sixteen courses for up to four players. The game is set for release on 28th June, 2007 in Japan
  • Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (NDS, Nintendo) – June 23, 2007
  • DS Origami (NDS) – Coming in June
  • Harvest Moon (Wii, Marvelous Interactive) – 7th June
  • A.S.H. (NDS, Nintendo) – Mistwalker’s game system is a cross between RPG and strategy. Battle is multiple turn based. It still only has a ‘2007’ date.
  • Pokémon Battrid (Arcade, Nintendo) – This time Nintendo is working closely with both TOMY and AQ Interactive to bring what seems like the company’s answer to the likes of ‘Love and Berry’ and ‘Mushi King’.

Quite a bit of info revealed at Nintendo’s Retailer Meeting and in the latest Famitsu magazine. Nothing really big except for the new Pokemon Battrid Arcade game.

Source: Cubed3