Portion of an Interview with representative Adam Spencer

Will: Adam, Thanks for being able to talk to me about Sadness. I think the biggest question my readers have for you is ‘Is Sadness real? and if so have you seen any progress made on the game?”

Adam: Sure, Will. Obviously there’s only so much I can say. I can tell you for sure that the project is real, they’re actively developing it. There’s no publisher for the game yet and as such it’s impossible for us to say when the game is going to be released. Basically, that’s the official statement. Nibris is doing an overhaul to their official site now. Next week they’re supposed to launch it and there will be some added information and a couple screenshots.

Will: Are you guys in constant contact with Nibris or do you feel you get long periods of silence like the public does?

Adam: Oh, Yeah. We communicate with them just about every day. We’re their development end. We basically manage all of their business development.

Will: Do they send you assets to look at? Have you seen a steady stream of screenshots and video?

Adam: Yeah I see everything that the public sees and we see a few other things as well. Obviously, I can’t disclose any added information beyond the fact that the game does exist and it is being shopped to publishers but there hasn’t been a fit just yet.

Will: Okay, Without giving away any details or anything, can you tell me if you.