What happens when you put a game console into the hands of a man?

According to a recent study by Nielsen, game consoles drive an increase in overall time spent in front of a TV set, helping to balance a slightly lopsided TV time scale in which women historically spend more time watching TV than their male counterparts.

Consider this: in March 2012, women aged 18-34 watched an average of 4 hours 11 minutes of TV per day, while men in the same demo logged 3 hours 34 minutes of TV time in homes with a 7th generation game console. Factor in daily time spent using a 7th generation game console; however, and the gender delta of more than 30 minutes daily is nearly neutralized as women 18-34 clocked 22 minutes of console time, while men 18-34 spent 48 minutes with their consoles.

Women still spent more time in front of the screen, but 7th generation game consoles bridged the gender gap by over two-thirds. That’s screen time with value, giving advertisers increased opportunities to target consumers no matter how they’re using the consoles—whether it’s playing the latest first-person combat game, binging on an old sitcom, or streaming a movie.