Today is a day of celebration here at! We are celebrating our 1K Post!!! It’s hard to believe we’ve gone through that much news in the past 6 months! And to celebrate this monumental occasion, we have some new NiGHTS information for you to devour. Bon appetit!

NiGHTS @ E3, More Classic SEGA Franchises Returning:

GI: Is that something we’ll see fleshed out more at your Gamers’ Day and E3 (classic franchises)?

Steinberg: Some of them. You know, the NiGHTS announcement, and we’re bringing NiGHTS back on the Wii. Hopefully you’ll see some of that, if not at the pre-E3 event, certainly at E3. There are a host of other games that are in development we haven’t announced that you should be quite excited about if you’re memory serves you on some of the epic properties of our past.

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More NiGHTS information from NGamer magazine:

  • There will be two control options, one leaning towards a more traditional style of play. This is to keep fans of the original happy. It is not said how the traditional style will control. My guess is with the Classic Controller, or a Cube controller.
  • There are a bunch of people from the original NiGHTS team working on the sequel. They are helping to bring the new staffers up to speed.
  • WiiConnect24 can be used for trading, this may involve the A-Life feature from the first game
  • Bringing the family together to play is a goal, Sega wants to bring in the fans of the series as well as newcomers.

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