It looks like NiGHTS may not be one of those presents under the tree this year. Rumor has it that the game has now been delayed until Q1 2008. According to the guys at via the Sonic Team, the game is about 55% complete. Here is what they have to say:

As for our source of the delay, it’s as high up as it gets. You see, the German magazines said Christmas 2007 was the release date as did Daniel our demo-guy. When we got Nintendo’s publishing dates, it was listed as November. We contacted SEGA this morning and spoke with SEGA’s Product and PR Manager and he told us that it’s been officially pushed to Q1 2008. That’s literally “this morning’s news”, and it’s coming from the most credible source it can come from.

Sorry NiGHTS fans, but you may have to wait a few more months to play the long-awaited sequel. I think the delay is good because now we have more time to play Galaxy and Brawl.