IGN has just posted an interview with NOA’s senior director of project development, Tom Prata, about the recently released WiiWare download service:

IGN: How many WiiWare games do you have the queue?

Tom Prata: Currently, there are about 100 games in development for WiiWare at various stages of completion.

IGN: Can WiiWare developers use all of Wii’s abilities? For instance — connection between Wii and DS, WFC, online, etc. — if they want? What about Miis?

Tom Prata: Developers have the ability to utilize the same Wii features for WiiWare games as they do for disc-based games, including Wi-Fi Connection, WiiConnect24 and variety of controllers and peripherals. What is important is providing developers the freedom to use the features that are most valuable to express the characteristics of their game. Regarding the use of Miis, Mii characters are included in games like TV Show King and Dr. Mario Rx.

Check out the link for the full interview, including the guy dodging the question about the lack of storage space on the Wii.

Full interview here