Recently the Nintendo Airstream Tour Bus stopped in Baltimore and Pure Nintendo had the chance to visit the Nintendo-themed Airstream while they were in town.

First and foremost I would like to thank Nintendo for the opportunity to join them on the Airstream Bus and play some upcoming games.  It was a rainy and dreary day but that didn’t stop us from getting the chance to play some games!


Many of the games available on the Nintendo Airstream Bus the team had played at various events like E3 or PAX but one item in particular was on the Airstream that not many people outside of Nintendo have seen in the wild.




While aboard the Airstream, one of the Nintendo Representatives pulled out a Wii Fit Meter!  The Wii Fit Meter is small and very lightweight.  On the Wii Fit Meter screen there was a pixelated picture of the player’s Mii and other information about calories burned, etc.  The Wii Fit Meter seems like a great improvement to the Wii Fit and with Nintendo’s Wii Fit U offer, the Wii Fit Meter is definitely something that previous Wii Fit owners and newcomers to the series may want to seriously consider picking up.  For those who are unfamiliar with the new Wii Fit U offer, Nintendo is letting Wii U owners download Wii Fit U for a free 1 month trial.  This Wii Fit U 1 month trial will be available from November 1, 2013 until January 31, 2014 and if a Wii Fit Meter is purchased and synced with the Wii Fit U free trial download, then the software becomes permanently available for use.  This is certainly a great deal for such a great piece of software.


We also had the chance to see a 2DS and was very surprised by how comfortable the new handheld is to hold.  I prefer to have the 3D option available so the 2DS is not a great option for me but I can see how the 2DS would be a viable option for those who don’t use the 3D or don’t want a handheld that displays 3D.  The 2DS feels very sturdy and felt like it could survive a good drop, though we don’t recommend dropping it on purpose.  This hands on was prior to the release of the 2DS but it is out now and released yesterday, October 12th, along side the release of Pokemon X and Y.


We also had the chance to play some games that we have tried in the past but it is always fun getting some more hands on time.  During our time on the Nintendo Tour Bus we also played Sonic Lost World, Super Mario 3D World, and Scribblenauts Unmasked.


Again we would like to thank Nintendo for inviting us aboard the Nintendo Airstream Tour Bus and letting us play some upcoming games and giving us some great hands on experience with various pieces of Nintendo hardware.