Nintendo always aims to innovate and this time around with the Wii U Nintendo does not only have gaming in their sights.

Nintendo TVii was announced today and aims at changing the way we watch programs on our televisions.  During Nintendo’s presentation today they used the mantra ‘Find, Watch, Engage’ to describe Nintendo TVii.  Nintendo TVii is personalized to whomever is browsing programs on the GamePad and you can easily cycle through different accounts by cycling through the different Miis on your Wii U  Nintendo TVii features not only TV content but also movies and sports.

The television section features a variety of shows that are broken up into different categories.  The categories available are Popular, Recommended, Channels and Grid.  Each of these categories show a different variety of content.  For Instance, the Popular category will display programs that are trending either throughout your friends list or the country.  When you select what episode you want to watch the GamePad will show you what options you have available to play the content.  After the program begins the GamePad screen changes to allow you to share different moments during the show over different social platforms.  You can also Favorite programs so that they are easier to find later.  The movie section allows you to browse movies, watch trailers and find out more about the movie.  The sports section will display a quick snapshot of different games presently being broadcast and show your favorite teams at the front of the queue so they are easier to find.  While watching a game you can look at game stats, player stats and a load of other details about the game you are watching.  On top of all of this, you can also share game moments over social networks and take a look at game highlights that you may have missed.

There are Favorite and Search features built into Nintendo TVii to help you search through the available content.  Favorite is used to store the programs you love and help the family decide what to watch.  The search functionality allows you to search across all available Nintendo TVii content to find what you want to watch.

All of this and more is done from the GamePad screen.  The GamePad can also act as a TV remote so you can control the TV just like any other universal remote control would.  Nintendo TVii is yet another way Nintendo wants to change your entertainment experience and have developed a great application to do just that.  Nintendo TVii is a free application and comes already installed on all Wii U consoles.  NintendoTVii is quite incredible just from the short demo we were able to see today.  Stay tuned to for more details regarding NintendoTVii and other news from the Wii U Preview from today.  There will be more to come!