Just some fast highlights from the event so far. Keep checking back for more update later.

  • Sonic announced in brawl, Turns into super Sonic. Japanese Release Date for brawl pushed back to Jan 24 2008
  • The game will include online fights. In addition, it will have online cooperative play of some form.
  • Pokemon Farm. With this Wii title, you can transfer your Pokemon from Pearl and Diamond to the Wii, then raise them in a farm-like environment.
  • Super Mario Stadium Baseball
  • Mario Kart shown with motorcycles
  • The Wii Ware service will get more than just mini games and puzzle games. Square Enix will release Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for the service. It will be be subtitled The Young King and the Promised Land and will be exclusively available for Wii Ware. In the game, you build your own country. Service will begin in March (in Japan)
  • Wii Fit 12/01 in Japan
  • Monster Hunter 3 will be released for the Wii
  • Footage of Fire Emblem DS and Dragon Quest IX shown.
  • Other Wii Ware software shown includes Star Soldier R, Mojipittan Wii (this is a Bandai Namco word puzzle game that’s a big hit on the PSP and DS) and Doctor Mario.
  • Nintendo will put more emphasis on the Wii Vote channel in the future. You’ll be able to put rankings for games that you’ve played and search for games that fit your liking.
  • Nintendo will also begin a service similar to the DS Station retail service. You’ll be able to download demos from your home.

You can check everything out for you self if you want at IGN Live Blog