We are here at the developer roundtable! We are live and will have all the latest so keep your browser here!

6:12pm – Miyamoto is on stage
– He’s talking about Wii/DS
– Mentions 3D trailers on eshop for games
– Now showing Ocarina of Time 3D trailer, looks awesome, can’t wait for the 19th
– It’s not a new trailer but shows a lot of footage
– He’s talking about how he wrote some of the dialogue
– Talking about hint movies in Oot
– The videos will show them just enough to solve puzzles but not to spoil the accomplishment
– Talking about Starfox 64 3D, showing trailer for the game
– Mentions gyroscope in Starfox and Oot and how it works
– Talking about Super Mario 3DS, and Kid Icarus, and Mario Kart—-all 3 coming this year
6:37- Mario Kart running at 60fps
– Talking about using gyroscope with the 3D effects and some of the programming processes they have in place to make it easy to develop
– Talking/joking about Streetpass and his Mii going to people’s 3DSs

6:41 – Aonuma is on stage now
– Doing demo of Skyward Sword
– Need to turn off now to avoid interference. Be right back
– You can use the sword to find items in Skyward Sword
– Shows an area early in the game that has creatures called
– Character in art from 2 years ago is called Fai and lives inside Links’ sword
– You can point the sword in a first person view and find pieces of keys, rupees
– Showing a really cool desert level in this sword ‘dousing’ demo
– Showing a new world in the forest similar to last year’s E3 demo
– Thrust your sword into the ground and enter the ‘Siren’ world
– Need to find ‘tears’ in the Siren world
– The Siren world looks amazing, all the graphics are awesome, definitely the ultimate visual example on the Wii
– Siren world has a bluish tone to it and Link has a glow around him
– Game tells the origins of the Master Sword
– Game will have dungeon elements throughout the world, and you’ll need to find different items each time you might visit that area
– Miyamoto: The game can be played for a long time and it’s important to know the maps in the game and the overworld map system will be easy to use

7:03 – Now talking about Super Mario 3DS
– Demoing the game now
– It looks amazing, even on blown up on the big screens
– Wants to create the best Mario game
– Showing new Tanooki Mario suit in demo
– The levels are more similar to classic Mario levels rather than like Mario Galaxy levels
– Also flags are back as the markers for the end of levels
– Shows level that has the spiked pillars from Super Mario World
– Shows great boss battle
– Now shows 2D layer out level with jumping fish from background, very similar to oldshool Mario games—looks great
– Now showing level that is like a Zelda dungeon level from a top down view looks awesome
– Light Torches to make Zelda sound
– Lava shoots up towards screen–amazing fire effects
– Demo over

– One last thing!
– Luigi’s Mansion 2 talk from Miyamoto
– Jokes that we’re not allowed to talk about Pikmin since they’re releasing Luigi’s Mansion before even talking about Pikmin :)
– Next Level Games is the developer—guys who did PunchOut Wii and Mario Strikers—side note: Punch Out 3DS needs to happen now!
– Now showing new trailer for Luigi’s Mansion 2
– Shows some new areas, use X button to look through peephole
– Shows ice, desert levels in mansions
– Ghosts only show in ice reflection
– Demos over and starting Q&A

– Q: Chris Kohler asked about casual games for the 3DS A: Nintendogs is out and would cater to casual currently. Most ideas for casual experiences are built into the 3DS like camera, face raiders, etc
– Q: Is Skyward Sword the last Wii nintendo game? A: They’re always developing so there will/could be more. But Aonuma says it would be a great way to close the Wii’s lifecycle
– Q: What happened to the Vitality Sensor? A: Miyamoto: “Next Question” *laughs* The device has a hard time performing consistently in different environments. The research is continuing so it could come to market at some point.
– Q: About Tanooki Suit and no flight ability in Mario 3DS. A: Would be difficult on the small screen and 3D. Tezuka-San: Tanooki Suit initially as an attack and the tail could make you flutter and eventually they just said, let’s make him fly :)
– Talking about Luigi’s Mansion and its 10th anniversary and talking about Pikmin now
– He’d like to see Pikmin on Wii for its 10th anniversary but says it’s moving to Wii U
– An they already were working on it so it shouldn’t be too long til it’s on the system—awesome!
– And there are some interviews on their press site so we’ll post those up for you guys later

And that’s it! Thanks for joining our live blog