Nintendo kicks off their digital event with the long awaited Star Fox Zero.   This latest creation is a collaboration between Nintendo and Platinum Games.

The game uses a combination of the gyro controls and both control sticks to maneuver the Arwing.  In classic Nintendo fashion, the Gamepad screen plays an important part in zeroing in on the enemy.  The gamepad screen will offer you an cockpit view of your fighter, while the main television screen gives you a third-person view of the action.  Just like in classic Star Fox direction, players will be flying the Atwing in both an on-rails shooter, and the all-range mode that was so iconic in Star Fox 64.

Elements from the canned Star Fox 2 are also brought into the latest title.  The Arwing will also transform into a walker to take the battle to the ground.  Other vehicles, such as the Landmaster Tank and the Gyrowing, will also make an appearance in this latest iteration.



Star Fox Zero will release for the Wii U this Holday Season of 2015.