Developed by Level-5 Studios, Yo-Kai Watch is the latest cultural phenomenon in Japan, selling millions of copies; and today, Nintendo just revealed the game is finally getting a Western release.

Yo-Kai are mysterious beings that are born from the souls of deceased humans, or from everyday objects that have discovered their higher purpose. Think Pokemon, but with a slightly paranormal twist. While Yo-Kai may be invisible to the human eye, it’s up to you to find, capture, and battle your Yo-Kai by using your Yo-Kai Watch to uncover them hidden all around the world.

With over 200 Yo-Kai to find, and each one possessing unique skills and strengths, there will be plenty for you to do as you attempt to “catch them all” and upgrade them into the perfect fighting team. Look for Yo-kai Watch this 2015 holiday season.