During the December Nintendo Direct, Mr. Iwata gives more details about Kirby’s newest title on the 3DS, Kirby Triple Deluxe. This newest title will feature four new abilities, a modified beetle ability, bells, jester, and archer abilities.  Along with these new powers, Kirby will also have a new “Hyper Nova” ability, which immensely powers up Kirby’s inhaling power.

Iwata also announced two new game modes for Kirby Triple Deluxe.  The first mode, Kirby Fighters, a multiplayer mode which pits four Kirby’s against each other.  Players have ten abilities to choose from in this mode.  The second mode is called Dedede’s Drum Dash.  This mode is a rhythm-platformer which has players taking control of King Dedede as he bounds along levels to familiar Kirby tunes.

The title is set to release in North America in 2014.