Update: Info from event.

Miiverse announced

  • The ability to chat with others using video chat or sending messages.
  • In the Miiverse you will be able to see what everyone is saying about the games they are playing.
  • “You will not be alone even when playing a single-player game.”
  • Soon after Wii U launch the Miiverse will be available on the 3DS, PC, or any internet connected mobile device.
  • The Miiverse will not use the big screen. Iwata is calling the use of Miiverse on the Pad as a “Social Window.”
  • You can access the Miiverse by clicking on the home button. (Like the 3DS)
  • Send “text” to others, hand written messages or doodles. “Even use face expression to communicate your emotions.”
  • You will also be able to post screenshots of your gameplay.
  • Nintendo calling the Wii U Controller, the Wii U “Game Pad.”
  • A black Pad was seen during the video shown. No confirmation of black Wii U at launch.


  • New classic controller announced, calling it the Wii U Pro controller.
  • Said to be lighter then the classic.
  • Games can be streamed to the U Pad event with the TV off. Even HD games.
  • The Pad has infrared that can be used to control your TV, cable.
  • Pushed joystiqs confirmed.
  • Most of Nintendo’s press conference will cover Wii U software. Plenty of 3DS games will be talked at other events.