The latest entry in the Mario Tennis series will premiere on Wii U, and will have a few new features to spice up the game play.  First, players will be able to use jump shots in order to return volleys that have not yet hit the court.  Knocking a player off balance will give players the chance to perform an ultra smash.

Another mode, Mega Battle, will see Toad throwing Mega-Mushrooms into the court, growing characters from the Mario series into giants.  All of this too much for you?   Ultra Smash will also have a classic mode, stripping away mega mushrooms for some good old fashioned Mario Tennis.

Ultra Smash will also feature online gameplay, and players will be able to meet up in any one of the game’s modes.  Online gameplay will also split into two main categories: “Play for Fun”, and “Ranked Mode”; much the same as Super Smash Bros.  Another similarity to note is the amiibo capabilities of Ultra Smash.  Amiibo registered in Ultra Smash will grow stronger with each victory, as well as gain additional abilities.  If you don’t like the abilities you were dealt, you can retrain your amiibo and improve new skills.  This amiibo can also be used online for doubles matches.

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash will be available on November 20 for $49.99.